I took the long way around, re-connecting with my high school sweetheart (the love of my life) after 28 years apart.

Before that could happen I used to work crazy hours in a crazy business (supporting my family of 4) until a divorce brought me up short.  I have two daughters, and those crazy hours caused me to miss out on so much when they were little – literally kissing them goodbye in the morning at daycare and telling them I’d see them the next morning when I’d wake them up to start the whole cycle all over again.  A re-evaluation of my employment led to a better job and then three years later an even better job allowing me to spend my days doing something I enjoy and my evenings and weekends with my girls; but then the housing market crashed and my employer folded.  It was during my days at this dream job that I found my sweetheart (I’ll call him Harley Guy) on “Classmates” and long story short he picked up part and parcel and moved across the country to be with me.  Harley Guy and I were married almost four years ago and I have been a home-maker and stay-at-home mom ever since.


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