Mean Mom (and a St. Patrick’s Day Recipe – for cabbage)

I feel like such a mean mom today.  Thing 1 woke up with a headache and I made her go to school.  This isn’t an unusual occurrence – she and I both get quite a few headaches especially at this time of year.  Mine are usually just plain old sinus headaches (I have lots of allergies) that are taken care of with a decongestant and a couple of ibuprofen.  Hers can also be sinus, but sometimes they are migraines.  When she was in the 5’th grade and I was losing a day of work just about every other week because I had to stay home with her I took her to the doctor’s office.  Our regular pediatrician was not available so we saw one of the associates we had seen once or twice over the years.  Things were going great, Thing 1 was able to do everything the doctor asked, answer all his questions, even laughed at a really bad joke he made when out of the blue he announced “I’m afraid we can’t rule out a brain tumor”.  Just like that, with her sitting on the table in front of him.  Fortunately I have pretty quick reflexes and was able to catch her before she fell off the table sideways in a faint.  And just like that I told him he was fired, and I walked out with my daughter – past the back/front office area – and announced that they were all fired and that I would let them know where our records could be sent.  I’m pretty sure they all thought I was a mean mom just then.

A really good pediatrician was recommended by a friend.  She gave Thing  1 a pretty thorough going over including additional neurological tests and told us that in her professional opinion Thing 1 did not have a brain tumor *but* that she was pretty sure that the next time Thing 1 had a headache she wouldn’t think about what this doctor said, she’d only be able to remember what our old doctor had said so she ordered an MRI to put her mind to rest.  The technicians at the diagnostics center told Thing 1 they were really proud of the way she laid so still, hardly breathing, while the test was being run.  Our doctor called us as soon as she had the results to tell us the radiologist had been very thorough in his review of the x-rays and found nothing.  Of course this was what we wanted to hear more than anything, and of course we have teased Thing 1 ever since about the doctors looking but “finding nothing” in her head.

So, because today she didn’t have a migraine, and because she has already missed 3 days of school this year due to migraines, I had to be a mean mom and tell her she had to go to school even though her head hurt and she just wanted to go back to bed and sleep.  I could tell all was forgiven when she climbed in the car after school and told me she felt fine.  What I don’t think she realizes though is that those times I tell her she has to go, when she thinks I’m just being a mean mom, I’m trying to teach her that we all have days when we’re tired or don’t feel good, when we’d like nothing better than to go back to bed until we feel better.  Sometimes it’s hard to teach your child responsibility; and sometimes being responsible makes me feel like a mean mom.

St. Patrick’s day is just three days away (yay!) and while we love corned beef and cabbage, we don’t love the way the cabbage tastes when it’s actually cooked with the corned beef.

Fried Cabbage

1 head cabbage, shredded about 1/2 inch thick

peanut oil (takes high heat well, lends no flavor of it’s own)

Heat a large skillet (cast iron works great) over medium high heat.  Pour in about 3 tablespoons peanut oil, spread to cover bottom completely.  Add the cabbage and fry a couple of minutes then flip with a metal spatula.  Continue to fry and flip until the cabbage is limp, darkens, and the edges are almost black, adding oil a tablespoon at a time to keep from sticking too badly to the bottom of the pan.   Makes @ 6 servings.

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