Crazy mixed up Valentine’s Day (and an easy truffle recipe)

Poor Harley Guy, he’s all stressed out because he didn’t have time to do anything for Valentine’s Day this year.  It’s funny, he gets frustrated at my wanting to decorate for every holiday (I even change the dry pasta I keep in an Italian canning jar on the sink almost monthly) and yet he tends to go over the top with gifts or nights on the town for those same holidays – the Edible Arrangement he had delivered last year was huge and after eating our fill for a week I had to freeze over 2/3 of the melon, pineapple, and strawberries and we were eating popsicles and smoothies made from it until the end of May.

He has been working crazy hours this last week and tonight is his bowling league so I’m just glad that he’s able to get out and blow off some steam for a few hours with the guys doing something he loves.  Our anniversary is coming up in just a few days and then Thing 1’s birthday a few days after that so if he really feels the need to do something he has two more opportunities is the next week to do it.

This is only Harley Guy’s and my 6’th Valentines Day together, but it’s my 17’th as a mom and I’ve always done something for the girls so this year I found a box of really cute bug Valentine’s.  I also went to Trader Joe’s and picked up a 3.5 ounce bar of semi sweet chocolate and the same amount of white chocolate to make truffles.  I already had cream and butter in the fridge and cocoa, powdered sugar, and salt in the cupboard.  I was able to make 13 tablespoon size white chocolate and the same amount of the dark chocolate.

So now for the recipe:  In a double boiler or bowl balanced on a pan of water heat about 3  tablespoons of cream with 2 tablespoons of butter.  When the water in the bottom pan boils turn it off and add 3.5 ounces of chocolate (either white or dark) to the cream and butter.  Sprinkle in a few grains of salt then whisk to a smooth consistency.  If separation occurs don’t panic.   The white chocolate should re-incorporate as it cools, just put it in the fridge and stir every few minutes.  The dark chocolate will need a little help if it separates, just add a tablespoonful of powdered sugar and whisk in well.  Allow to cool in the fridge just like the white chocolate, stirring every few minutes.  When the mixture is butter-like, use a small cookie scoop and drop them into powdered sugar for the white chocolate or cocoa powder for the dark.  Sift additional sugar or cocoa over the tops then roll to coat.  Petit-four cases or mini muffin baking cups will be just about the right size to display them and they need to stay in the fridge until ready to eat.  Add ins are an easy way to change these up, next time I think I’ll try adding some toasted coconut to the white chocolate and maybe some chocolate nibs to the dark, or maybe a teaspoon of amaretto to the white and peppermint schnapps to the dark.  Once you have the basic recipe the possibilities for variations are endless.

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