Learning Curve (and sausage gravy)

When I first decided I wanted to start a blog I had a really hard time choosing between Blogger and WordPress (to begin with).  Blogger seemed to have more outside sources for free customization (like wallpaper) to make the blog look good but WordPress had more internal options for customizing the layout so I chose it hoping that as I learn what I need to know to create my blog, I’ll be able to add my own customizations. Unfortunately I am severely tech-challenged so this learning curve could take a while.

Now on to the gravy.  This is the second week of Christmas break which means the fridge is filled with lots of bits of this and dabs of that.  We had four small sausage links left over from Christmas breakfast and lots of sweet potato biscuits from dinner (so good with the ham).  How to stretch four sausage links to feed all three of us *and* encourage my girls to help use up the leftover biscuits?  I pulled out my little food processor and broke the sausage down into really small bits which I added to a cast iron skillet over medium heat.  I cooked it until the fat was all melted down and the bits of meat began to brown then I added about three tablespoons of flour and stirred it in well, allowing it to brown a bit too (like when you make a roux).  I added about a cup of milk, stirring well to break down any little clumps then added another cup, still stirring until it began to simmer and thicken.  I added more milk until I had the consistency I wanted (about another cup) then added salt and pepper to taste.  We toasted the biscuits in the oven and ladled the gravy over them and our breakfast was AMAZING!  And the best part is it made so much gravy that the girls have already told me they are looking forward to having the rest of the gravy and biscuits for breakfast tomorrow.

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